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Learn how to play the electric guitar

OK! So now you want to start to learn to play the electric guitar but you have no clue what to do or get. Here are some tips which can help you get what you need and get started.

Getting the electric guitar

Choose an electric guitar based on your budget. Get a guitar which completely blows your budget and you can’t buy anything else! Go online, check out reviews of the guitars within your budget and compare the specifications.

Choosing the correct amplifier

How do you choose a correct amplifier? Once again refer to your budget and the internet then make your decision. There is no need to get too large an amplifier as a 30 watt amp is enough to rock the house down. A good brand to get is Laney or Peavey.

Getting all your accessories

Some accessories which is a must-have are picks (hard and soft), metronome, tuner, capo, guitar strap and last but not least, CABLES, if not the guitar cant be plugged into your amp!

Start learning!

Buy yourself a chord book and start learning the open chords i.e. E, A, G, D and C. After mastering the finger placements of these chords without any buzzing sound, move on to more complicated chords such as minor and major, while at the same time improving your strumming technique.

Learn more techniques

After you have pretty much grasped the concept of chording, its time you moved on to picking. Through picking, you can learn a wide array of techniques like palm-muting, hammer ons and offs, alternate picking, speed picking and much more.

Lastly, if you really need help getting started and you might be thinking of finding an guitar teacher in Singapore, contact us and we will help you get started in no time!