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Learn to play guitar fast!

Great tips to learn to play guitar fast

So you want to learn to play the guitar within a short time maybe to impress someone or get in the trend, you’ll be glad to know that this article will go a long way in helping you achieve that goal of yours.

However, first you must ask yourself what is the point of you learning to play the guitar. If its for passion, then these few tips that I am going to share with you will help you kick start your learning process.

Tip #1: Don’t be too eager to rush into things

Rushing into difficult songs not only frustrates you as you can’t play a note, it also demoralizes you, making you think that you are really bad. Instead, take things into your stride, start with simple songs involving picking and strumming. Learn more techniques as you get yourself more comfortable playing the guitar. Or you can always get a guitar teacher in Singapore to guide you on how to play the more difficult chords/songs.

Tip #2: Watch your posture

If you start feeling aches in your shoulder, neck or back, there is some posture problem you have to deal with. Bad posture leaves you aching all over and worst of all; it makes you feel as though playing the guitar is a chore. 

Tip #3: Learn chords and scales

Why should you learn chords and scales? Easy, it’s the basis of everything you intend to play next time. Chords are not only easy to play, they ground you with a good rhythm especially with strumming songs and once you have mastered the use of chords, you can start jamming with your buddies, as a rhythmic guitarist. Scales are important if you like picking, soloing and leading. Scales teach you the basics of building up a solo and how notes complement each other.

Tip #4: Draw out a schedule

In other words, PRACTICE DILIGENTLY! Its better to practice an hour a day rather than cramp all the practice in one day and play for 5 straight hours. First of all, you can’t focus and after maybe 2 hours, you’ll get bored and you will feel reluctant to continue and that is the kind of attitude we want to avoid when learning something new, and learning the guitar is no exception.

Note: There are many self-learners who are indeed very good guitarists, but it takes them many years to get to who they are now. If you really want to achieve that goal of playing like a professional, always look for a guitar teacher to bring you there faster.