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5 Ways That Music Effectively Helps You Survive Under Work Pressure

April 19 , 2017 By : TravelClef Category : Uncategorized Comment : 0

Has there ever been a morning when you look forward eagerly to the challenges that your work throws mercilessly at you?

Regrettably, almost 50% of the Singapore workforce does not look forward to work. Spending 8 hours for 5 (or even 6) days on something that does not intrigue or inspire you to improve is undeniably a torture.

Music is medicine for the fatigued souls. Be it classical or modern, regardless of language, music is oftentimes what tugs at our heartstrings and effortlessly summons our emotions like a psychic. So, how exactly does music help us deal with the stress from work?


1. Music reduces your stress level.

Is it really too far-fetched to say that listening to music is effective in reducing stress levels among Singaporeans? Music does actually relax our minds! In fact, research has shown that participants who listened to music for relaxation, as compared to none, had lower concentrations of salivary cortisol – an indication of lower stress levels. In light of the immense stress levels at work, music is a good outlet for stress! Play some soothing music in the background while working so that you can concentrate while enjoying the melody.


2. It lifts your mood.

You actually do feel happier when you play music! This is because your brain secretes more serotonin- your “happy hormone”. Music does this through its harmony of rhythm and melody. Rhythm actually prompts the increase in serotonin level, and melody churns the “creative juices” in you!

3. It is your newfound emotional pillar of support.

For the fresh graduates in the workforce, we all know how tedious it is to embark on a new phase of your life- the new environment, competition among the newly employed, and the fight to climb up the corporate ladder. With the sky-high expectations from everybody else, it is inevitable that you encounter a slump where you cannot seem to progress significantly or impress your bosses. At times like this, you may attempt to find someone who understands your unspeakable agony. While it sounds like an insignificant source of help now, in times of emotional distress, we will greatly appreciate the relatable lyrics as the concern is frankly all that we seek.

4. Your new method of self-expression is born.

Recall how many times you have been touched with a certain song because it resonated with your inner voice? Song lyrics may be just the way to express yourself when you cannot seem to find the words to accurately pinpoint your feelings. Convey your messages by playing a tune and writing your own lyrics to it!


5. Music stimulates your brain activity.

When we talk about Singapore, one problem that we are facing right now is the increase in mental illnesses specially dementia. As a result, working adults who are approaching their golden years may gradually be concerned about aging gracefully while maintaining their mental ability. The earlier we begin to take care of our mental well-being, the lower the risk. Listening to the music we love can actually stimulate brain activity, preventing the onset of mental illnesses!

It is undeniably difficult to maintain a positive outlook under work stress. However, now you can learn to deal with it as music works its wonder on you. Wear a smile to your workplace and back!

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