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All About Harmonics

March 27 , 2017 By : TravelClef Category : Free Materials Comment : 0

A harmonic is a musical note played by preventing or amplifying vibrations of the guitar string. Using harmonics allows you to reach very high pitched notes that are difficult or impossible to reach by fretting. Guitar harmonics also produce a

Advanced Guitar Lead Tips

March 27 , 2017 By : TravelClef Category : Free Materials Comment : 0

Ever want to play the lead guitar and rock the house down like the guitarists in your favourite band? These tips are only for those who have mastered the basic guitar lead tips. Technique 1: Sweep picking The idea behind

Guitar Lessons For Your Office

November 28 , 2016 By : TravelClef Category : Free Materials Comment : 0

Being one of the pioneers in the corporate music lessons industry, we have been poised to bring music and joy to the employees of our clients. This is the time where you can interact with your colleagues and jam some

How to buy a guitar?

October 18 , 2016 By : TravelClef Category : Free Materials Comment : 0

When you walk into a guitar store, you find a wide array of guitars and if you’re a beginner, you’ll probably be wandering around and wondering which guitar to get. You stare at the guitars like as though you’re playing

Basic guitar lead tips

October 18 , 2016 By : TravelClef Category : Free Materials Comment : 0

3 techniques to help you learn to play lead guitar: PART 1 Playing the lead guitar isn?t as easy so you think it might be. First of all, you got to have some knowledge of chords and scales. Next you

Differences between Acoustic and Classical Guitar

October 18 , 2016 By : TravelClef Category : Free Materials Comment : 0

The technical definition of an acoustic guitar is a guitar that produces sound through the vibration of the strings, without relying on electronic amplifications. Their bodies are made hollow so that sound can be produced without amplification. However, the term ‘acoustic

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